Wonder Weeds

Brand Identity

“Wonder Weeds is a family-run beauty shop producing handcrafted face and body care products with only natural ingredients and no synthetic or artificial chemicals. Wonder Weeds is operated on Esty and locally distributed in Iowa.”

Current Brand System

Compared with other competitors, Wonder Weeds is limited by the store location and online outlet. Without commercials and advertising, they are less attractive than other beauty brands. Wonder Weeds contains a wide range of products that have reasonblae price, cruelty-free, non-chemical and organic ingredients, but the lack of execution in visual packaging degrades the quality of the brand.  



Combining a romantic, modern typography with a set of refreshing herbal illustrations, this easy-absorbed strategy helps attract more customers. The visual system ensures the freshness from Wonder Weeds and elevate them with the elegance of luxury skincare feel. The system also comes with new categorization to support different lines of products.


Sketches & Digital Development

Final logo



Illustrations & Patterns


Along with the style guidelines, I created multiple physical applications including packaging systems and stationery for the brand.

by Đại Dương (duongnguyen.creative@gmail.com)