Seattle Urban Art Festival

Brand Identity, Web Design, UX/UI

“Seattle Urban Art Festival” is a brand new culturally artistic festival where hundreds of urban street artists come together to exhibit the beauty of urban art through their creative works.”

To increase public recognition and attract more visitors, I constructed a new style guidelines that celebrates the rebellion of urban art, the personal creative space of artist, and the connection with the society. This style guidelines effectively contitunes applying on multiple design mediums. 



As an artist, all the ideas are generated from researching and exploration phases. Artists begin to explore methods, sketch layouts, and to practice techniques on some simple canvases like paper. The visual system is developed around all the traits to indicate these most imporatant phases. Using elements consisted of organic, human touch, abstract feelings with rough details, scratchy image treatment, brush stroke typography, and a basic color scheme aims to tell the progress behind the scenes of these artists for audiences. 


This logomark conveys three messages:
1. An overall raindrop shape represents a most common weather in Seattle
2. A dot inside and an odd circle outside together express the interaction between individual artist with community
3. The hand-sketch waves on a circle interprets a practice of being creative.


Multi-dot pattern conveys the ideas of being different and innovative but gathering around as one society. 


Festival Ticket


Brochure (outside: left - inside: right)


Artists’s Banner


Website was designed to give users an ability to browse and collect contents without hesitation. The appearance of website keeps expressing same attitudes from style guidelines. The ultimate goal is KEEP IT FUNCTIONAL, KEEP IT ART

Content Outline & Sitemap

The mood board is what I expect the final website to look like. SUAF’s identity system has a large negative space, brushy typeface, distinct hierarchy, and playful elements. The website will be built based on these characteristics.
Contents will be organized on the basic grid but not as heavy as the competitive websites. 


Final Website

Final website includes three pages: main page, ticket, and speaker along with mobile version.

visit Seattle Urban Art Festival website for a complete design and real experience

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