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National Film Preservation Foundation

Inspired from the golden age of Hollywood, with a modern twist, the branding opens the heritage world of films and movies for the future access.

The National Film Preservation Foundation is the nonprofit organization established under the U.S. Congress with the top priority is archiving endangered films and supporting nationwide activities to preserve American films and improve access for study, education, and exhibition.

The cornerstone of NFPF is through worldwide collaboration between film organizations and experts to maintain the quality of film stock . I saw the new possibility in the common yet signature symbol - filmstrip to become the modern graphic motifs. 


A new identity continues enhancing filmstrip symbol which its components are the main inspirations for each traits of this system. The new logomark is a single frame from a filmstrip, and the two perforation lines, running over the edges, indicate the ongoing glorious history with National Film Preservation Foundation as an important milestone. 

Grid Treatment
One of the experiments with filmstrip is layout grid creation. By arranging one or more filmstrips on a background, the guides can be drawn out according to the alignment from its components. The new layout can be varied from simple to complicated. 

Logo Adaptability

Below Zero (1930)

Hot Saturday (1932)

Bruce Lee (1972)




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