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Bánh Mì - Lan Hue Bakery

Packaging, Brand Identity


I was assigned to redesign the packaging an existing food product. The process included researching market competitions and audiences. 
I picked “bánh mì” as Vietnamese sandwich after I saw Subway. I wanted to introduce one of the signature foods from my country. 
“Lan Huệ - Sandwich and Bakery” is a new bakery located in Seattle, specifically serving bánh mì. I used their information as the base for further development in brand guidelines and packaging. 

“Lan Hue Bakery has no detailed brand guideline, so they almost have no visual impact for their brand.”


I was really inspired with the old advertisement during the 60s of Saigon. Retro is brought back in the trend with a lot of focus on typography with different treatments and color usage. I wanted to represent the long history of Lan Huệ which they have served for 40 years in Vietnam even though they are new in the US.


After having a simple brand guidelines, I started working on the packaging. I created the sandwich box inspired from the hamburger box. The packaging went through many prototype tests and troubleshooting of scale, style, usability, and function. 

Final Product

Final Packaging for Lan Huệ‘s bánh mì contains: sandwich’s box, wrapping paper, and sealed tickers.