Bánh Mì 
Lan Hue Bakery

Packaging, Brand Identity

“Lan Huệ - Sandwich and Bakery” is a 43-year-old Vietnamese bakery located in Seattle’s Chinatown, specifically serving fresh hot mouthwatering Bánh Mì straight from the oven with many filing options inspired from the street of Saigon” 


Market label and packaging play an important role in brand strategy. Lan Hue loses the advertising opportunity by the lack of consistency in visual appearance. Single packaging for Bánh Mì is not considered to develop which makes such a powerful and valuable brand fade away. Overall, the current style system is weak and unfinished. 


To highlight the long history and express the pride for this worldwide popular Bánh Mì, I brought back retro graphic trend inspired from banners commonly displaying in front of local stores on the street of Saigon during the 60s year: bold thick typeface, straightforward typography, retro tone color scheme, halftone/duotone image treatment, and funky illustrations. 


After having simple brand guidelines, I created the Bánh Mì box inspired from the universal hamburger box. The new packaging is simply a long version of hamburger box which successfully targets on many exsiting errors: 
    • Increasing advertising from displaying brand language on the box.
    • High level of sustainability and recycling by using cardstock with low cost. 
    • Level up the packaging’s functionality: storing and securing new bread, saving leftover, working as paper towel for crumbs, stacking multiple breads, easily delivering and handling. 

Final Packaging

Final packaging for Lan Huệ‘s Bánh Mì includes a box, wrapping paper, and sealed stickers. 

by Đại Dương (duongnguyen.creative@gmail.com)